Our family has worked the land in Coos County since the mid 1800’s, earning our living from the abundant agricultural and forest resources.  We fully support the “working landscapes” concept which allows all stakeholders to come together to maintain resource production from the land while restoring ecological function.  The benefits of this management approach are the ability to maintain agricultural production, which supports the local economy and communities, preserve family farms, improve water quality and habitat for fish and wildlife while providing opportunities for expanded recreation and enhanced environmental values.

A key factor in working the lands along the Pacific Coast that are subject to tidal influence is to have the infrastructure (culverts, tide gates, and protective berms) that meet state and federal fish passage criteria. Innovative tide gate design, coupled with the development of the Muted Tidal Regulator by Leo Kuntz and the good folks at Nehalem Marine allow us to move forward to replace our water control infrastructure while meeting fish passage requirements.

The Beaver Slough Drainage District has chosen Leo Kuntz and Nehalem Marine to assist in the design, development, and construction of the China Camp Creek Project because there is no equal that brings forward the experience, knowledge, and technology that allows us to build the infrastructure needed for the next fifty years plus

The goal is for all stakeholders to cooperate and collaborate so we can continue to produce beef and fish into the future.


Fred Messerle, Owner/Manager, Messerle & Sons

Chairman, Beaver Slough Drainage District